5 Great Reasons To Switch Careers And Work In The Computing Industry

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Did you know it’s possible to change careers no matter how old you are?

I know that might sound obvious to some people, but others don’t quite believe it and they’re happy to keep doing something they hate. You will live to regret it when you’re older, because even though you might be making enough money to put food on your table, you will spend the rest of your life unhappy. Don’t let your life pass you by without attempting to find a career you love.

Something that might interest a lot of people is a career in the computing industry because it’s likely you use one every day. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become an expert with computers? There are lots of options available to you and one of them could offer you the chance to do work you are passionate about. We can even have a look at some of the top reasons it might be the perfect industry for you and maybe you’ll decide to switch careers.

1. Lots of Money

If you’re interested in making money then it’s possible in the computing industry, but you just have to choose your specialization carefully. Programing is an easy way to make good money and if you want to become a millionaire, you could even build and sell your own software. This is the best chance you have of becoming rich using computers, but there are still a few certain jobs that offer great money once you work your way up in a company.

2. Work from Anywhere

If you do all of your work on a computer, you don’t need to sit in an office. You could work from a laptop and the entire world is your oyster. Even if you decide to work from a small office inside your home, you get to spend much more time with your kids. You can work whenever you want and you don’t have to sit in traffic every morning. I bet you can already smell the freedom; all it takes is some kind of computer skill and you’re ready to go.

3. They’re not Going Away

Lots of people are losing their jobs because there is no need for them anymore. It’s actually quite funny that computers are taking over the jobs they used to do since you want to work with them. Jobs in the computing industry will never go away and as time goes on, there will only be more becoming available. Even though you might not stay at the same company for your entire career, you should still be able to find other work from the jobs that are available as long as you’re good at what you do.

4. You Get to be Creative

When you work with computers, you get to unleash your true creativity. If you enjoy art, you might like to become a designer and spend all day creating things. Animation is also very enjoyable and you won’t hate going into work every day. Even computer programmers get to use a huge amount of creativity designing complex software. Don’t worry if you’re not very creative because there are still a lot of jobs open to you.

5. Make a Difference

Computers play a big part in lots of industries that are changing the world and you can help make a difference. Advanced medical research is the obvious example because they use computers in nearly everything they do. If you run your own website, you can also make a difference by helping people. You can even build websites for others that are helping people and you’re still playing your part in helping others.


Evan Whittle is a software consultant and also provides advanced computer training online. Software being a vast field, he feels there is enough scope for people to make a mark. He also talks about the developments in the software industry on his blog.

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