6 Jobs for People Who Love Kids

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Working with kids can be extremely rewarding, but it requires a lot of energy and devotion. Adults working with kids often need to be creative, silly, compassionate and patient. If you have all of these qualities, along with a love for kids, you might thrive at any number of child-related jobs.

Most people, who work with kids, will tell you how little children help to make their own stress go away with their innocence and playful activities. So, even though some of these jobs may be tiring but at the end of the day, all that hard work seems to have been well placed. Let’s look at some of these jobs below:

1. Teacher

Many people who love children choose a career in the field of education. Teachers can specialize in many different areas and age groups. In order to become a teacher, you must receive a bachelor’s degree and a state teaching license. Degree requirements are different, based on whether you choose elementary, secondary, or post-secondary education. Teachers’ salaries are often tied to their level of education and teaching experience, so many teachers continue to pursue master’s degrees.

2. Coach

Perhaps you have a love for sports in addition to adoring kids. Acting as a coach can be a fulfilling way to work with kids while teaching them the fundamentals of the sport, the value of teamwork, and the rewards of working hard. Coaches may or may not be required to have a college degree. In many cases, teachers double as coaches, earning a little extra money in addition to a teaching salary. Sometimes schools and after-school programs hire experts in a specific sport, whether they have a degree or not.

3. Pediatrician

Children’s doctors can also choose from any number of specialized medical fields or age groups to work with. A general practice pediatrician will see children of all ages. Pediatricians make sure that children are on track developmentally and physically, and ensure they are up-to-date on immunizations. Becoming a pediatrician requires four years of medical school and three years in a residency program.

4. Camp Director

Kids at a Youth CampManaging a youth camp is typically a seasonal job. Duties include planning youth activities, communicating with parents, and supervising the camp staff. Camp directors should be full of energy and ideas for kid-friendly activities, games, and enrichment activities. Any administrative-level jobs in the recreation industry will require a bachelor’s degree. However, many seasonal camp director positions do not require a college degree.

5. Nanny

Many people who love children are drawn to being a caregiver or nanny. Nannies often become like family members when employed full time by one family. Duties can vary drastically, depending on the needs and lifestyle of the family. Usually, the most important thing is the well-being of the children. Parents want to hire someone that will put their children above all else, so they can have the peace of mind that they are safe and cared for. Nanny jobs do not normally require a college degree, but some parents are looking for someone with knowledge of child development. Before you can get the job, most families will require a nanny background check.

6. Speech Language Pathologist

Speech pathologists are primarily employed by schools or hospitals. They provide kids of all ages with services related to speech and communication development. Speech pathologists often see one child at a time over a designated period. Speech pathologists must hold a master’s degree, pass a national test, and put in 300 hours of supervised work.


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