How to Get Jobs in Mining

Miners Setting Up Crane Supports at a Mine in ChileHugo Infante/Government of Chile

With the mining resources boom throughout the world, mining industry is in the forefront when it comes to offering multiple job opportunities. Mining industry is currently offering those who are ready to perform huge tasks a great deal of opportunity to showcase their skills and earn handsomely.

If you are prepared to get your feet into the mines, you have to understand that this is one of the fields where one is required to work to the bone. Just like any other line of work, the more skills you have and, of course, the experience, the more chances you will get to land a well paying job in mining.

Getting mining experience

Though not all jobs in the mines may require experience, it is very important that you gain relevant mining experience as this may be the only way to get a well paying job fast. Mining industry is sometimes seen as a closed community since most of the times every single job requires relevant skills, thus making it much harder for many people who are interested to break through. This is a common case especially for those with no skills to present. Therefore it is always advisable that you either find your way to gaining experience or better yet go for the necessary skills required.

Work experience

Gaining experience in major companies may not be easy – especially if you do not have any contacts with the managers. Therefore, you may want to consider some of the smaller companies around you. Smaller companies usually perform contracting jobs in mining. Landing a job in one of such companies is much easier. These companies always hire labor providers as well as sub contractors. You can be hired to fill a temporary position or even be invited to try out for a permanent position. You may even be hired by a sub contractor.

It does not matter who hires, but what matter most is the amount of experience you gain in the long run. You can easily fit in the company as a space watcher, fire watcher or even a trades assistant among many other positions. However, do not be picky; go for every job there is and get your experience to move on to high-skilled jobs.

Skills and qualifications

Getting into the mining industry with relevant skills and qualifications is a great way to convince your employers that you can deliver. There are many colleges offering different courses that are directly related to mining. Some of the most common courses that are related to mining include geology and mining technology. Some of the major mining companies offer training in varied job categories in mining. With top-notch mining skills, you will be in a position to get a good job in the mines even without a well defined mining background.

Other necessary qualifications that you may be asked to provide include general safety inductions, first aid certificate and a medical certificate from Coal Advisory Board. More info and advise on securing a job in the Australian mining industry can be found here.


Once you get a job, you should understand that you may be in a relatively lower wage than other employees in the mine for the first few months or even years. The general rule in the mining industry is that the more experienced you are, the higher chances you have to earn more.

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