How You Can Get Hired In A Large Company

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Perpetual applicant Stacey sits at her desk with resumes piled neatly on one side of it. While she’s currently employed in a small, local company, she’s not feeling purposeful, happy or well compensated. That’s why, in unproductive hours in the office and every other time she can, she sends her resumes to large, multinational companies in hopes that maybe, just maybe, they’ll let her in. But it seems they never do.

If you can relate immensely to this story, do not be alarmed nor feel ashamed. Millions of people share the same predicament as our lowly heroine Stacey. There’s nothing wrong with you or with Stacey; large companies are just like bank safes – everyone wants to get in but they are just too tough to crack!

Crack that Safe

But there are ways you can crack that safe and get into the big company that you want. Here we list some of the things you can do to get yourself in the right track. These may not get you flying into those company doors straight away, but they will increase your chances of getting in more than simply sending resumes ever will.

Tip No. 1: Speak their language

Because of the staggering number of applications they receive every day, large companies do not have their HR department go through resumes one at a time anymore. All these resumes go through automatic systems which instantly locate keywords and filter which ones have the specific skills the company is looking for. If your resume does not contain the industry-related keywords they’re looking for, then it will automatically be ignored.

So how do you find these keywords? Easy – you’ll find them in their job posting. But of course, you can’t just enter every skill you find on their job posting without possessing them, so this leads us to our next tip…

Tip No. 2: Get vocational training

Most large companies require specific skills and know-how and will actually put you through some form of skills testing during application. This means that you will need to have gone through specific vocational training depending upon the field or occupation you wish to enter. There are various training courses available nowadays that focus on practically every field of expertise there is, from engineering and architecture through to management and accountancy. Get the skills the company needs from these courses and you’re set.

If you’ve already got the skills and maybe even the experience, then the next step would be…

Tip No. 3: Get insider referral

Getting a referral from someone inside the company will give you an enormous advantage over countless other applicants. So find a connection – any connection – to someone working inside that company. It could be a cousin’s classmate, your uncle’s best friend’s daughter, your doctor’s sister’s college study partner – any connection will do as long as they put in a good word for you. Get that someone to hand over your resume, and you’re halfway there.

Tip No. 4: Go temping

It’s easier to get into a big company as a temp. If you’re thinking, “But I don’t want to be a temp!”, don’t worry. Temping is but a stepping stone to actually getting hired into the big company you want in two ways:

1. Temping lets you try working in several different big companies and seeing which one really suits you best; and…

2. After working temporarily (and exceptionally) for some time, you’ll eventually get hired permanently in the big company of your choice (just ask the hundreds who have done this exact same thing).

Temping is the way large companies get to “try out” possible employees before hiring them for the long haul.

Tip No. 5: Be confident

Getting into any company, even the big ones, can all boil down to the actual interview. Even if you seem flawless on paper, the final decision to whether the company hires you or not will still be determined by the interview. So present yourself confidently. Show them that you have what it takes and what the company needs to advance.

Whether you wish to enter into a large mining and manufacturing assets company like Tenix or be one of the many Googlers around the world, getting into the large company of your choice can be a little bit easier if you just know and follow these five tips.


Debra Wright

Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including employment and opportunities found in large companies. Wright considers Tenix of Australia as one of the largest provider of infrastructure solutions.

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