Research is Key When Accepting a New Position

Thinking Inside The BoxThinking only inside the box may lead to being uninsured against breakage! – Photo Courtesy: David Goehring

In today’s tough economic conditions, getting a job, any job, can seem like a triumph. However, just because positions are perhaps harder to come by does not mean you should settle for anything or take a job without asking all the relevant questions.

If you have been looking to move jobs and have got as far as being offered a position, it’s vitally important that you only make your decision after doing some relevant research – from ensuring that the business is one in which you feel you can build an enjoyable and lucrative career in, to making sure the firm is on a sound financial footing, with company directors that don’t have any skeletons in their closets.


So, you’ve been offered a job with a company and you want to make the correct decision. Now is the time to scrutinise the terms and conditions being offered. Is the pay acceptable to you and your current situation? Is it a fair salary in comparison to other similar roles in the industry? If anything is troubling you, now is the time to negotiate, before you sign a contract. Asking for a raise is always difficult so now is a good time to strike as good a deal as possible. If the company proves rigid and unwilling to negotiate, this may not be a great sign for the future.


Salary is not everything in a job, though, make sure you also understand clearly the working hours required for your position and whether these are flexible or not. It is also important to get a clear picture of the benefits you will receive and also the company’s policy on the likes of pay reviews, maternity leave and working from home, if any of these are likely to affect you in your time there.


You may not be happy in your current role but there is no point in moving to a company that could go bust at any moment. It is important to make sure the firm is not reliant on one major client, for example. You should also use one of the many online services that allow you to look at the finances and executives behind a company – if the company directors have a habit of setting up and closing companies on a regular basis, this might be an offer to avoid.


So, you’ve established the job you’re offered is likely to be secure, but is the position likely to lead anywhere in the future? It’s always good to find out what previous holders of the position have gone on to do and what the structure of the company is – would you be able to further your career within the organization or would you be forced to change company once again to get on?


Receiving a job offer is great and the temptation, especially if you have been looking for some time, is to jump at it. However, just a little bit of background research will enable you to accept the offer with more confidence and in rare cases, maybe flag up something that should give you second thoughts.

Good luck!

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