So You’re Sure You Can Be A Chauffeur?

Chauffeurs Waiting for their PassengersPhoto Courtesy: Viola Renate

Living the exciting life of a rock star is probably just a dream for most of us, but what if you could get close? There are some lucky people who mingle with the rich and famous every day as part of their job. A chauffeur is the chap who drives those rock stars and politicians to their important and glamorous appointments and surely it must be the next best thing to being a superstar?

Here we look at the nitty gritty and see how easy or hard it actually is to become one.

Easy Job?

Well, first of all, you need to realize that this is not a cushy little number. It is a job that requires discipline, discretion and a lot of self-control. The chauffeur’s role as depicted in the movies is far removed from the actual real life role you are considering.

Be Friendly

Chauffeur Holding a Flower Bouquet
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Your role will require you to be a cheerful and polite soul despite the mood of your passenger for the job in hand. You can expect some miserable and argumentative types as well as the more glamorous passengers. You are not allowed to snap back at the grumpier of your customers and should retain a professional and helpful persona. To some of them, you are merely a non-entity who has no place sharing the same oxygen as them.

Know The Facts

If you are based in a big city, you need to brush up on your local knowledge, and quickly. The location of every hotel, museum, night club, theater and back street should be second nature to you. Do not expect any directions from your customers because, after all, they are too important to remember details like that!

Look Smart

A Smartly Dressed Chauffeur for a 1964 Rolls Royce
A White Rolls Royce and Chauffeur for Monica and Lou’s Wedding Reception.
Photo Courtesy: Eden, Janine and Jim

As well as a winning smile, you need to look the part for this role. No visible tattoos or piercings and absolutely no off the wall haircuts. Your car will need to be immaculate at all times and this is a task that will be your responsibility.

Can You Keep A Secret?

You may be fortunate enough to witness some famous people act a little risqué whilst in your limousine. If you value your job and any tips in future, you need to keep your mouth firmly closed.

Get Qualified

A run of the mill driving license will not cut the mustard when it comes to being legal. You should find out what your area’s requirements are for chauffeur drivers and get your papers before looking for work. You should have a clean criminal record and be over twenty one years of age. You should take an advanced driving course because you may need to use defensive driving if you have a VIP passenger on board.

Be Firm

No matter how important your human cargo may be, you are still the boss at the end of the day. A bit of horseplay may be acceptable but absolutely no drugs, no nudity and no violence should be tolerated by you.


This article is submitted by George Davis. He has been in the car rental industry for more than two decades now. He says Melbourne airport transfer can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you are doing.

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