Working 101: Your Guide to Handling Your First Job

New Employees Learning at their First Jobs

If you’ve just landed your first real job, congratulations!

No, really. You’re one of the very few people out there who are able to kick start your career, so you’ve made a real achievement. However, simply getting a job is only half of the challenge. With companies so focused on balance sheets and keeping in the black, you will need to prove your worth as an employee in order to make sure you keep that job. Remember the number of people who applied to get this same position? Yes, they are willing and waiting to step in your shoes should you make a drastic mistake and are relieved of your position.

However, you can cement your position with carefully cultivating the following traits:

Be an ‘Asset’ to your employer

The key to ensuring job security is to position yourself as an asset to your employer. What do you provide that no-one else can? What are your strengths which will be difficult for an employer to find elsewhere? It might sound simple, but making yourself indispensable will help to ensure that you don’t lose your dream job.

To make yourself an integral part of your company, you should be eager to take on any extra responsibilities that you’re able to, if they come your way. Such actions are almost necessary if you are still new at a job or have just started your career. Later on, when you have made a place for yourself, it’ll possible to ease off and let the then newcomers take over the same.

Maintain higher standards

Employers of all kinds expect certain standards to be adhered to. Some of the basics which apply to all employers and industries are punctuality, efficiency, eagerness and acquiescence. You should ensure that you are never late to work; no-one likes people who are late, and your boss is unlikely to be keen on the idea of putting money in your pocket whilst you’re still dawdling along the metro or grabbing a quick Starbucks Coffee.

For all businesses, time is money. That is why your efficiency is vitally important to your company’s overall view of you as an employee. Don’t deliver things later than asked for, don’t work slowly and don’t mess around. Always act under the assumption that your employer is watching you at all times.

Fuel your enthusiasm

Employees who show eagerness to learn and to be at work are always likely to be rewarded. No-one particularly likes being at work, but if you can show your boss that you do, it’s going to make it an awful lot harder for him to terminate your position. Yes, even bosses have consciences!

Everyone likes people to have enthusiasm, so ensuring you apply this attribute to your work will help cement your position in the company. Likewise, you should appear keen to carry out tasks; you should certainly never turn down a request, particularly from a senior member of staff. If it’s legal, it’s reasonable.

All in all, keeping your job is not rocket science. It does, however, need a little more thought and application due to the strain which all businesses are currently under. Above all, enjoy your work!


Author Byline: Adam C is a London, UK based copywriter and has given sound workplace advice in this article.

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