September 22, 2014

Corporate Wellness: The Value Of Healthy Employees

Corporate Wellness - The Value Of Healthy Employees

The importance of healthy lifestyles will always be one of the biggest solutions that everyone should learn to apply to our daily lives. Living a sedentary lifestyle, like most office employees are, is the root cause of different illnesses that could be fatal in the near future – such as heart diseases and diabetes.


Five Ways HR Departments Attract the Best Employees

Five Ways HR Departments Attract the Best Employees 3

It can be difficult for human resource managers to attract the best employees and it’s important for them to sweeten the pot for potential employees. High salaries may attract applicants, but money isn’t enough to keep employees at their desks for years. Here are ways that today’s HR departments are recruiting and keeping employees.


Convention Displays: How Can You Attract Attendees?

Convention Displays - How Can You Attract Attendees 1

If you’re thinking about exhibiting, it’s important to plan ahead for your space, staff, and display requirements. Larger conventions can attract 20,000 attendees or more, so you need to have a strategy for how you can stand out in the crowd. The right convention display will help you establish your brand even among the exhibiting competitors, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to achieve it.


Employees in Slippers: The Challenges of Managing Remotely

Employees in Slippers - The Challenges of Managing Remotely 2

In 2010, a survey from Microsoft found that over 60% of workers believed they could do their jobs from a remote location. Furthermore, the Telework Research Network notes that somewhere between 20 to 30 million Americans work from home at least one day per week. Keep reading to learn about frequent struggles, and ways to excel as a remote manager without losing your sanity.


Five Ways to Keep Your Employees Healthy and Productive

Five Ways to Keep Your Employees Healthy and Productive 1

You may not think that you’re the reason your employees keep getting sick, but you just may be. If you aren’t ensuring that your office is a healthy place to work, you could very well be the one to blame for the persistent use of sick time among your employees. If you run a business, keeping your office healthy is easier than you think. Here are five steps that you can take immediately.