The 4 Worst Man-Made Catastrophes In History

The 4 Worst Man-Made Catastrophes In History 1

When it comes to causing catastrophes, man isn’t far behind nature. It’s true that some of the most cataclysmic events in human history were a force of nature, but nothing captures your attention quite like a man-made disaster. You may forget the earthquakes and tsunamis, but you can’t seem to forget the nuclear explosions and gas leaks. These events have been etched into human history in a way that cannot be erased.

Major Lessons from History’s Biggest Engineering Disasters

Major Lessons from History's Biggest Engineering Disasters 4

In the engineering field, it’s widely accepted that the public never thinks about what engineers really do until something goes wrong. While it’s true that every engineering specialty, from civil to aerospace, has seen its share of major failures, it’s often the fault of businesses that ignore the sound advice of their engineers and place a greater importance on profit.