Career Coaching Tips to Help You Better Your Time Management

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In today’s busy life, time management is very vital and career coaching professionals offer you valuable tips to pull up your act in case you find it difficult to manage your time. With ever-demanding professional and work life, you are constantly needed to prioritize tasks and assignments. Your employer and management want your assignments done efficiently and on time. You probably find it difficult to toe that line all the time, what with the dual responsibilities in your professional and personal lives.

All this might make you stressed out to deliver your responsibilities on time and effectively. At times, constant demand of your life can make things really problematic and stressful for you and you might end up feeling frustrated and exasperated. With such a state of mind, it is difficult to find solutions and hence life coaching professionals come into the picture to help you prioritize, organize and deliver.

Time Management Tips from Experts in Career Coaching


1. Prioritize your tasks and responsibilities

Many times, the problem is caused by mixing up priorities by trying to do everything simultaneously. You must understand that tasks can mostly be accomplished when they have your undivided attention and not when you are thinking of doing hundreds of other things. So consider drawing up a list of all your tasks by indicating the importance and priority for each.

2. Assign time and resource

Once you are done with the prioritizing, put all the tasks in the form of a flow chart that clearly assigns each task its time and resource. Look at the deadlines and commitments while drawing up the flow chart assigning greater share of your time and resource to the more important or urgent tasks. This should include both your professional and personal engagements since without that balance, you will only end up earning the ire of either your boss or your family members.

3. Revisit the task chart regularly

Once the chart is done to your satisfaction, try to follow it religiously. But career coaching experts say that such task charts also need to be revisited regularly to update the work done or to accommodate changing priorities if required.

4. Learn and improve

You need to keep a tab on whether you are allotting the optimum resource and time to specific jobs or are there opportunities to reallocate them to some other more urgent areas. Make notes on your flow chart and also update target achievements in bold letters or red to help you feel motivated. If you find certain areas lagging behind, talk it out with your colleagues, boss or the person in question to arrive at a way out. The basic and most important ingredient is focused action with regular evaluation.


Time management is a dicey issue and might take a toll on you unless you know the right strategies and tools. Don’t feel exasperated, prioritize your tasks, have a plan of action and if needs be, take help from experts of career coaching to ensure that you efficiently manage the precious resource that time is.


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