How to Become a Chef

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Good food is something everyone is interested in. Who wouldn’t mind something delightful for their taste buds? But have you ever thought about the food artists who make it all happen, and turn ordinary ingredients into a masterpiece? One needs to have the passion, the drive, and the instinct to put one’s heart in cooking. The talent of cooking is naturally found in those who love to cook and with practice, this talent can be and is polished to a professional level.

Watching my grandmother and mother cook was my inspiration for becoming a culinary artist. There is always that someone in your family whose style of cooking is your favorite. My grandmother was a master of making comfort foods, whereas my mother was always busy creating unique and wonderful recipes of her own. I am truly blessed to grow around two such phenomenal cooks who had the drive and the love for extreme culinary arts.

Steps to become a chef

Unlike my grandmother and my mother, I did not want to limit my cooking to household kitchens. With a passion to cook and a love for food, I began my pursuit of becoming a chef. The steps to become a chef may not be the same for everyone; some people may opt for an academic experience while others may rely on their personal and practical experience. Here I have shared a few steps that can help aspiring cooks to become chefs:

  • Although one may know how to cook, it is always important to continue experimenting with food regularly. Practice can never be enough, so getting a few recipe books and studying about food science is always helpful.
  • Apply for an internship program and get hands-on experience in cooking. There are plenty of local restaurants that hire junior chefs and offer training programs. Getting into the professional world can help an individual understand what kind of work related pressures chefs face. Time management, cooking in large quantities and effective teamwork are a few of the things one may learn in an internship program.
  • Getting a culinary arts degree is necessary if you want to make it in the food industry. There are many degree programs available that will help students acquire the necessary skills needed to become a professional chef. These programs are offered by top culinary schools at the associate, bachelor, and master’s levels.
  • Acquire a certification from a board or an institute. This qualification will reflect your level of expertise in the field and will open doors to amazing culinary jobs.

With a culinary arts degree, it took me no time in finding myself a fabulous job in the food industry. I scored a great position as a chef in my local downtown’s most popular restaurant. I fell in love with my job instantly, as I could now give people something tasty to take delight in. The income level was also perfect. With more experience in the field, chefs can make from $30,000 up to $55,000 annually.


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